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Battle Island 2

Battle Island 2, where spellbinding combat and war tactics meet head-on, opens a new world of intrigues to you. In this game with a storyline plot, you'll issue orders, seize land and clash with other players in a manner akin to massive world contests with just one crown to rule them all.

Picture this: between the judge of your own fortress and the headquarters of the island stronghold, you have to find those who are able and ready to move the plot in the right direction. By each encounter, you will personally have to match your skills against the formidable opponents, resorting to the cunning tricks and blind persistence in order not to lose the battle.

However,  is about much more than simply domination; it is also there to build strong and long-lasting friendships and relationships with your teammates. Your alliance partners and alliances which you contribute to will grow and make possible a more empowered and widespread position toward the multitude of the front.

Let go your troops then you must stand your fortified defenses for the last Cranium match. Today is the day to boldly take a step forward, because tomorrow victory will come.


Use WASD or Arrow keys or drag the Left Mouse button to move the character.
Use Mouse Left Click for interaction with UI



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