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Gun Mayhem 2

Enter the bloody, violent world of Gun Mayhem 2, where each round is a realistic, adrenaline-filled conflict filled with explosions, gunfire, and other action-packed scenes.You can anticipate the best in thrilling shootouts in this action-packed game as you struggle against rivals from the furthest reaches of the globe.

Picture this: you're parachuted in the locus of a blurry battlefield, where everything is obscured by a busy arena, and you're center of attention: armed with a machine that can easily result death of thousands along with yourself. Every time you pull the trigger you'll turn into a merciless machine, unloading volleys of bullets on your enemies, eagerly basking in the adrenaline high from the fear of an incoming blow and the anticipation of landing another successful kill via a magnificent aerial acrobatic.

However the second version of Gun Mayhem is not complete war, but also strategy and skill. That is why when you are fighting in a dynamic battlement you need to get around and dodge your opponents, which are constantly changing the conditions.

Alright men, you know the drill. Let’s load up and head straight into the Gun Mayhem 2 battlefield, all of us ready for an action-packed shoot out. You could be the most dominant or the last minute escapist but the alt- ration will never stop engaging you.


Keyboard: Use the arrow keys to move, jump, and crouch. Press the Z key to shoot, the X key to throw bombs, and the spacebar to pause.
Gamepad: Utilize the joystick to move, A button to jump, B button to shoot, X button to throw bombs, and Start button to pause.



Explosive Gameplay
Character Customization
Multiplayer Modes
Campaign Mode
Dynamic Maps
Unlockable Content



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