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Rescue Girl

Trust me as I take you into the world of Rescue Girl; the stage of valor and empathy, where heroism thrives in the face of danger. Within this thrilling game, you take the character of a fearless hero whose duty it is to lay down for the safety of all.

Imagine this: you're just a solitary figure in the middle of a forlorn picture. Sound, pain, and the pleads for help are just some of the horrific things that you'll be experiencing. Neverthless, you are still undaunted by the power of this feeling inside you, devoid of anything other than the desire to serve and strive.

As you get dependent on adrenaline, you will come into contact with others who will need your help in times of danger.Every time you act in this way, you give people who are unfortunate hope and an escape. It doesn't matter if you rescue a hiker who has become lost or an animal that has become trapped, offer assistance to a neighbor who is in need, or simply show them that they can rely on you to help them out.

She is strong not just because of her heroic achievements, but also because she embodies the goodness and influence that one person can have. Make an effort to show oneself in a way that will inspire others to have the guts to contribute in a similar manner and follow kindness' lead.

Thus, outfit yourself with your bat-empty Cape, channel your hidden hero, and experience combat on the heroine side in Rescue Girl. As a team we can build a better world, from our Campus After Campus, rescue by rescue.

How to Play:

Navigate the Environment
Overcome Challenges
Combat Enemies
Rescue the Girl
Collect Power-Ups
Unlock Achievements
Explore Side Quests



Use the keyboard and mouse to navigate
You may move or remove the pin by using the left mouse button.
To begin drawing a line, depress the left mouse button; to end, release the button.



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