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Rescue Rift

Dive in to the fascinating reality of Rescue Rift, in which each mission is a job involving a new challenge. Well, you'll be into the `most` this game features an array of perilous rescue operations in diverse extreme terrain.

Put on your gallant rescuer gear, come to your senses and stand up to threats when everyone else bows down. On every journey you will be confronting hazardous paths, getting through x limitations, and saving the important others.

However, another essential role of the Rescue Rift is not just about the feasts of the rescue but surpassed by the courage and compassion. The farther you advance in the game, you will be confronted with personages hard-pressed by an adverse fate, and each with his own different story and woes.

We are just around the corner; thus, let’s prepare ourselves by taking some action. Without a doubt, you might find yourself in situations where daring ruins are either high in the sky or straight down in troubled waters and therefore you become the critical factor that can save lives.

- Arrow/ WASD to Move
- Left mouse button to shoot
- Right mouse button for scope
- Scroll to change Weapon
- E to Rescue


Immersive Storyline
Dynamic Gameplay
Stunning Visuals
Challenging Levels
Unlockable Rewards
Multiple Endings
Cross-Platform Support


We at our platform recognize the value of fluid gaming. For this reason, we thoroughly tested the  Sniper Shooter 2 game on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge to ensure that it functions flawlessly in all of the most widely used web browsers available today. This is a game that you may play from anywhere at any time.